The shock treatment : have Buckets of ICE become a marketing meme?

Some strange things take off. It’s easy to understand the popularity of panda sneeze and cute cats, talking dogs, of crazy dances, numa numa or gangnam style, but I’m struggling to understand how this one will cut through the clutter: The ICE BUCKET challenge – an audiovisual trope/ fundraising publicity stunt that has been used in dozens of media contexts over the past week. I guess it’s easier to get folk to participate in this challenge than the ‘shave for a cure’ stunt .

Lindsay Lohan can have her perfect hair dried and re-done hours before the ratings are even out.  Note she’s wearing ‘wet look’ clothes and boots with perforations and ‘peep toe’ drainage for the event.

The Challenge has been used by so many firms there are now instructions out there about how best to do the Ice Bucket challenge. This is a brilliant take on the ‘how to’ of Ice Bucket challenge marketing.



What’s the ‘take out’ here? Firms or Brands are increasingly turning to publicity stunts that create a spectacle designed for cross-platform exposure, aligning themselves with social causes or well-regarded charities : the stunt is for a cause – raising awareness, money, goosebumps – and assumes legitimacy through the frame of benevolence. 



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