Jeremy Lin Jersey New York
Jeremy Lin New York

These are David’s photos of Jeremy Lin NY jersey — the NBA’s bestselling jersey.

These pics brought my attention to this NBA player’s global popularity, which has been referred to as Linsanity.  According to Wikipedia, Lin is the first American of Chinese or Taiwanese descent to play in the league.

Lin with the Knicks 2012

Sports fans have very distinctive fan cultures, and Lin’s popularity is aligned with many of his qualities – as celebrity, as elite athlete & NBA star, as a successful Asian-American sportsman, and as an openly Christian sportsman.

His success took on turbo charged dimensions this year when he demonstrated his talents for the Knicks. He’s since attracted many new sponsorship deals which have been subject to discussion in the press (see Forbes link below) along with the deal he recently made in his move from the NY Knicks to join the Houston Rockets.

Here’s an article about Lin’s sponsorship deal with Volvo.

Jeremy Lin signs Volvo endorsement deal March 20, 2012 from the cnn site.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Linsanity is now brought to you by Volvo.

The Chinese-owned carmaker announced Monday that it had inked Lin to a two-year endorsement contract, with a focus on markets in the U.S. and Asia.

The New York Knicks basketball star burst into public consciousness last month as an undrafted, Taiwanese-American Harvard graduate who went from benchwarmer to star point guard and led the Knicks on an improbable winning streak.

“Jeremy Lin is the pride of the whole Chinese population, and we are excited to work with him,” Freeman Shen, president of Volvo Cars China, said at a press conference in New York. Volvo’s U.S. CEO, John Maloney, added that Lin “embodies the best of the human spirit” and was “an excellent fit for Volvo.”

Lin already has  an endorsement deal with Nike (NKE, Fortune 500) that he signed when he turned pro back in 2010. Financial terms of his deal with Volvo were not disclosed.

Lin told the press conference that the partnership with Volvo was “a great match for me.”

“Growing up, I never had the super luxurious cars or watches or whatever it may be,” he said. “And for me to be able to find a car company that has high quality but is also affordable and relatable was very important.”

Lin said both he and Volvo “are striving to be better and smarter at what we do, and to do it our own way.”

More on Lin’s appeal as Brand endorser. for full story written before the announcement about the Volvo deal, see

Brands crave Linside track

“Jeremy’s agent, Roger Montgomery, has had over 1,000 e-mails from companies who want to strike endorsement deals with him,” said a source. “There’s been so much interest, and so many people reaching out, it is overwhelming….

Even at the current height of Linsanity, sources say the point guard’s reps have turned down offers from a wireless phone company as well as a watchmaker, potentially worth “millions of dollars”, say sources. Brands courting Lin are being tight-lipped to not to lose ground to competitors.

“Jeremy doesn’t want to jump into anything,” a source says. “He wants to sit back and wait and see what suits him. He’s not looking for the quick money. The deals have to be right.”

Another source added, “Asia is a major growth market right now for luxury brands. Using [Lin] in that market will be huge.”

Another branding guru said Lin’s potential doesn’t follow the usual path. “Every NBA player wants a contract with a luxury watch brand right now,” the insider said. “LeBron James is Audemars Piguet, Dwyane Wade is Hublot . . . But Jeremy is Harvard-educated, and he’s not going to do something flashy that’s just for the money.”

Forbes journalists have been following the money in their coverage of Lin’s meteoric rise to celebrity status. Many are scratching their heads about the wisdom of the deal Lin made when he left the NY Knicks to join the Houston Rockets earlier this year.

Forbes article


Jeremy Lin…has taken the global phenomenon known as Linsanity and doused it with kerosene….

Steve Herz, who cuts celebrity endorsement deals as president of IF Management previously told my colleague Tom Van Riper: “Lin leading the Charlotte Bobcats back to respectability wouldn’t be that interesting. It’s not something that Coca-Cola is going to play $10 million for.”

Insert “Houston Rockets” into that sentence, and you get Lin’s new reality. Rather than the golden boy on an obsessed-over team in the world’s media capital, he’s now an above-average player on a below-average team in a low-profile city.



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