What people do on campus – a blog experiment.

We are researchers and students (from the undergraduate Advertising and Consumer Culture class and postgraduate Foundations of Advertising class at the University of Queensland Business School) doing a blog experiment. Students have taken photos on campus to post here, and we’ll experiment with topics and tags to see which posts are viewed, if any, and what search terms or links bring traffic to the posts. The theme is very general at this stage – What people do on campus – which not only enables us to create posts that document some of the people and practices around us on campus, but also some ideas, interests and projects.

If you have suggestions about variables to test out please let us know. So far we’re looking at topics, content (what content – image only, image and text? – and what style of content), tags, blogging practices (such as commenting/not commenting on other blogs and so on).

Alicia and Hester ADVT2511 students in class at UQ Business School
Patrick and Amy – after field work on campus.

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