Clean Election Campaigns?

The subject of negative advertising raised its head quite conspicuously over the past few weeks in Queensland in the midst of election campaigning and controversial political advertising.

Campbell Newman, newly elected Premier or Queensland, was the target of negative campaign tactics from both the ALP and the Katter Australia party (see earlier post on Negative Advertising). Not surprisingly he now calls for a change of style in future.

Premier Newman calls for cleaner campaigns

Posted March 27, 2012 13:13:00 ABC Online.

Queensland’s new premier, Campbell Newman, has called for parties to end negative political advertising following repeated personal attacks during the five-week state campaign. His deputy, Jeff Seeney, has also foreshadowed new rules governing complaints to the corruption watchdog during election online


Some claim that the ALP’s attack on Newman’s integrity and honesty backfired, stirring

animosity towards Bligh and her government.

Anna Bligh finished after attack on rival’s family, say strategists

  • Sarah Elks and Rosanne Barrett From: The Australian  March 26, 2012 12:00AM
  • STRATEGISTS from the major parties have pinpointed the moment Labor’s campaign fell apart: when Anna Bligh admitted she had no evidence to back up her ferocious attacks on Campbell Newman and his family. It came in the fourth week of the five-week contest, which until then had been dominated by criticism from Ms Bligh and Labor of the Liberal National Party leader’s business dealings and alleged developer connections.

    Ms Bligh called an impromptu press conference to continue the attack, but under questioning from the media, conceded she had no proof of wrongdoing to deliver to the Crime and Misconduct Commission.

    The independent corruption watchdog later ruled Mr Newman had no case to answer, forcing the ALP to change its strategy.

    LNP campaign director James McGrath said Ms Bligh’s admission was the turning point of the campaign, which until then had been “incredibly close” in target seats. “Queenslanders went, ‘You’ve based your entire campaign on mud on this; there’s nothing behind it’,” he said.


If negative campaigning styles are on the nose, Abbott doesn’t seem to have any sense of smell.

‘Toxic’ Labor needs integrity – Tony Abbott

 TONY Abbott says the crushing win by the Liberal National Party in Queensland shows the Labor brand is toxic across Australia.


Gillard’s rivals should ditch the witch attack

  • James Campbell
  • From: Sunday Herald Sun
  • March 27, 2011 12:00AM
  • YOU’D have thought Tony Abbott would have learned by now that one of the golden rules of Australian politics – alongside Never Promise A New Tax Before An Election, and Keep Bob Hawke’s Hands Where You Can See Them – is Don’t Address A Rally Of Fired-up Enthusiasts.

    Especially if the Government’s only strategy is to destroy you by making you look like a dangerous extremist.

    The rule has been a fixture of our political life since John Hewson tried and failed to win us over to his GST by addressing huge crowds of Liberal supporters during the 1993 election.



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