Some truths behind the ad

This discussion of the way Katter’s ad (mis) used images is fascinating.

Journalistic integrity? 

The image of two men, supposedly a gay couple, was lifted from a photography website…

“the first scandal was the license conditions on this website specifically prohibit using its images for political advertising. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, one of Australia’s most prestigious papers, the photographer is livid: not only are these men NOT a couple, but these photos were an art-work discussing surrogacy.  The photographer is doing his best to enforce his copyrights and block Katter’s Australia Party from using the photos to bring hurt and derision upon the gay-community…..

And “Well now it turns out that there is a second scandal in the ad.  One that is connected to our national broadcaster – and the most trusted name in Australian broadcast news”. The narrator is an ABC employee…read more about this at the link above. The person has since been stood down “from her on-air responsibilities at the ABC, pending a formal investigation into breaches of editorial policy. A spokeswoman for the ABC said she “did not seek nor obtain permission for external voiceover work as required in accordance with ABC policies”.



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