Bower birds

The whole business of finding and posting on a blog some things that charm and interest us reminds me of what bower birds do

We had a bowerbird living on our property in mid-coast NSW and it had the most spectacular way of arranging its findings for display. The display and its surrounds are surprisingly large and orderly and are kept immaculately for the most part (in spite of these somewhat messy examples in the pictures).

Bower birds, like many of the best bloggers, have a niche interest: in their case, poachable objects of a particular shade of blue, light enough to transport easily.

They construct an elaborate infrastructure for housing these collectables and for attracting a mate.

It must take a while to find objects of just the right shade of blue.

I think this shade is actually what artists call Yves Klein Blue.

yves klein blue

Which can be happily confused with the talented Australian band who drew their name from this particular shade of blue.


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