Bower birds go for colour

One of the amazing things about bower birds is the way they travel miles and scour dumps and backyards and rubbish to find just the right coloured object for their collection and display. This seems deeply programmed in them.

And yet some bowerbirds actually break from the whole blue theme and collect things of other colours and arrange them just as carefully in colour coded patterns.

a red scrunchy and pink sunnies


This video from the BBC David Attenborough shows a stunning Bowerbird display which has objects of different colours, a mound of blue black round objects, a pile of orange leaves, an arrangement of pink/red blossoms, a small patch of shiny black beetle wings and so on. It seems they have different aesthetics and styles of presentation. This particular bowerbird is a master artist  – well worth watching.

[Attenborough with bowerbird]

Blogger Professor VJ talks about the natural collage tendencies of the bowerbird in his discussion of human impulses to make art.

“Bower-birds are natural collage artists caught in their perpetual blue period who create readymade nestworks to attract attention to themselves in hopes of finding their soul-mate (or maybe just an on again off-again affair with their love bird).”

For more on bower birds see my post on nature documentaries.


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