Visual motifs : going too far

There’s nothing more clunky than a film that relies too heavily on props to convey themes or character traits.

Picture this. Bewildered dad enters a room cluttered with teen artifacts, walls plastered with pin ups and posters, clothes strewn amongst guitars, consoles, cords and a strategically placed skateboard that dad trips over. This is a teenager’s room, wink wink.


Yet some filmmakers manage to go over the top with fantastic results. Who didn’t enjoy the explosion of iconography in Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet. Redundancy? And how.

luhrmann's romeo and juliet

Handled by someone without this high camp aesthetic of excess it might seem like mis en scene gone wrong.


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  1. i agree! romeo and juliet is one of my favourite movies and im absoloutly in love with its aesthetic.

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